A model who dubs herself “Australia’s most sexually active woman” has revealed her latest challenge in a bid to find love – going on 52 dates in a 52 week

Annie Knight has recently hit headlines for bonking 300 people in a year. And now it seems like she’s set herself a new task.

The Gold Coast native, who boasts 66,800 followers on Instagram, (@anniekknight), is searching for Mr (or Mrs) Right with her latest challenge – having one date every week for a year.

The blonde beauty said: “[I’ve never had] much of a dating life. I used to go on about three dates a year, so that’s why I want to do this now. I’ve never been much of a dater, so I wanted to give myself an incentive and am holding myself accountable by posting the reviews of the dates online.”

Annie Knight poses for a photo
She wants to take on a new dating challenge (Image: Jam Press/@anniekknight)

Annie, who has been single for three years, started putting her matchmaking skills to the test in April 2023. So far, she’s been on 25 dates and while there are some potential lovers on the cards, the 26-year-old has suffered her fair share of “liars” and “catfishes”.

She said: “Some men have catfished me, as they looked a lot better in photos than they did in real life and lied about their height. Some of them were really rude to the waiters and that’s a huge turn-off for me, so I left straight away.

“I’m very picky, but there’s been five guys that I’ve gone on second dates with. And I did go on two third dates!”

In a bid to share her dating experience, Annie uploads a “review” of each one of the dates to her TikTok, with one clip racking up 51,000 views.

One of her most popular reviews includes a story about her ninth date, which was “spur of the moment” with a man she met at a bar when she had “beer goggles”.

Annie Knight poses in a black top at a restaurant
Annie’s going to go on 52 dates in 52 weeks (Image: Jam Press/@anniekknight)
Annie Knight poses in an underwear set
She’s on the hunt for love (Image: Jam Press/@anniekknight)

Users have flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many viewers asking for a chance to go on a date with the model. “Can you take me out,” one person asked.

Another added: “I need to come to Australia.” [sic]. Meanwhile, a third chimed in: “These are so fun to see, I haven’t been on a date in 20 years, so living vicariously through your date stories,” another viewer said. [sic]

Annie, who rakes in $2 million (AUD) (£1 million) from her OnlyFans account, says that the key to finding a good partner is to tell them about her career and see how they react.

The model said: “They know well before we go on the date what I do for work, as I have it in my dating profile, so I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of.

“Obviously, they will follow me on Instagram first, too, so they can have a scroll and get to see who I am and what I do. None of them have admitted to [finding me on OnlyFans], but I’m sure some have.”

Annie Knight poses in a white dress
Annie is reviewing each of her dates on TikTok afterwards (Image: Jam Press/@anniekknight)
Annie Knight poses in a bikini
She rakes in $2 million (AUD) (£1 million) from her OnlyFans account (Image: Jam Press/@anniekknight)

Before earning millions, Annie worked as a marketing manager – and claims she was sacked after they discovered her OnlyFans. She said: “I didn’t promote my OnlyFans anywhere so I can only assume that someone at my work was subscribed to my OnlyFans and sent the evidence in to my boss.

“It made me furious that someone at the company who subscribed to my page then re-shared my content. A simple conversation would have sufficed.

“I am well-aware of what I have posted and didn’t need it to be re–shared. I am pleased to [have been fired] an extent, I’m a lot happier now and have a lot more freedom.”